Global Science

Global Science is a monthly popular science magazine published in Urdu in Karachi, Pakistan. The magazine has been in publication since January 1998. In the early years, the magazine gained popularity among the students especially by publishing IT-related articles in Urdu. However, issues now cover more diverse topics, including medicine, astrophysics, the defence industry and nanotechnology along with Information technology.

The editorial team comprises Aleem Ahmed as the Chief Editor, Waseem Ahmed as the Managing Editor and a number of writers including Suhail Yousuf, Tafseer Ahmed, Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani and Malik Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Prince.


Global Science also publishes books and Urdu Translation of seminal work of Stephen Hawking and Haroon Yahya. The magazine's first article remains Ek Nushkha-e-Keemia (The Science in the light of Quran) written by the Chief Editor, Mr. Aleem Ahmed.

Global science issue number 143 in November 2009 and this is the special issue on Islamic technology.

The magazine is divided into the following categories:

Permanent topics

This segments has priority over other sections as its topics remain same throughout the magazine. It includes the following topics

Ek Nushkha-e-Keemia (The Science in the light of Quran)

A message form the editor

Letters from the readers

Global Science Bulletin

Special topics

As the name suggests it involves the topics of special importance. It covers the new discoveries and invention made by scientist all over the world. It some time also includes the special surveys and reports.

Computer science and technology

It is one of the most interesting topics which involves the information related to computer science,computer software and programs. The magazine gained popularity among the students especially by publishing IT-related articles in Urdu. This section covers the computer related articles such as:

Troubleshooting tips

Introduction to Windows


Global science junior

This segment started in first month of year 2012. This topic includes the topics interested by people who have low knowledge about science as well as youngsters. Before 2012,it was known as For 8 to 80. It encourages the young writers to write small topics on science. It is famous among both youngsters and elders. For the encouragement of young writers, the magazine also awards the prize as well as five copies of magazine.

Global Science Quiz

Global science quiz is the monthly activity in which there are some questions asked with readers and the reader with most accurate answer is awarded. The prize money usually consist of 200,300 and 500 rupees. The results are declared after the month.