Da znaem poveche

“Да Знаeм Повече” (“To Know More”) was a Bulgarian popular-science and leisure, bi-monthly magazine, accessible on-line and through e-readers, tablet devices, and mobile phones in a DRM-free PDF format. It contained a multitude of articles in a plurality of topics, such as nature, technology, science, space, history, travel, art and statistics. The magazine was distributed for free and featured crowd-sourced articles, written and designed by volunteer authors. Its targeted audience was the young media consumption-addicted reader. Every issue contains articles, structured into several topics, including science, space, technology, history, art, nature and travel.

Editors: Ivo Rusev, Boyan Novakov, Dobromir Vasilev, Ianita Djunova

Categories: Popular science, Science

Frequency: bi-monthly

First issue: September 2012

Country: Bulgaria

Language: Bulgarian

Website: daznaempoveche.com